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Eavestrough Repairs & Cleaning

Eavestrough are part of a home that many owners pay little attention to, and are installed on homes for a reason, and that reason is to control the flow of water and divert it to a safe location.  Unfortunately, eavestrough become very easily clogged due to the constant barrage of debris falling into them, shingles, leaves, tennis balls and gifts that birds and other animals leave behind.

PMT Home Services will do a thorough inspection and cleaning of the eavestrough (gutter) and check the downspout for any blockage. All debris found in the eavestrough will be put into a bucket; we do not throw anything over the side of the house. If necessary blocked downspouts will be snaked out, or carefully dissembled, unblocked, and put back in place. After every cleaning we put water into the eavestrough to ensure its level towards the downspout and water is flowing out.


  • Sealing Corners

  • ​Re-levelling Eavestrough 

  • Re-location of downsprout

  • Re securing eavestrough with 4'' or 5'' brackets

  • Disconnecting downspout from city drains

  • Reconnecting downspout to house

  • Unclogging downspout (elbows)

Eavestrough Exterior Cleaning

  • Clean exterior of eavestrough

*We Also install Gutter Guards**


Unclogging Downspouts (Elbows)
Installing new brackets (Clips)
Before/After cleaning eavestrough
Cleaning Eavestrough
Installing New downspout

Call PMT Home Services to arrange a free estimate (416) 509 - 7445

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